Our strong knowledge of the computer networks gives us the ability to make sure all our installed camera systems run under the strongest security and are correctly added to your network.


When installing cameras, we take into consideration the lighting conditions, angles and field of view, the devices being used (MAC or PC) to ensure software compatibility, not to mention the: will the camera be used for surveillance or for security?


Pictures and screenshots of some the previously completed jobs:

WDR AXIS Marko Kuusemets
Correct WDR Camera Marko Kuusemets
WDR Lobby - Marko Kuusemets.jpg
Lobbie, Showrooms.png
no motion blur on fast moving

actual screenshot from security camera, image is not altered

Virtual Trip-Wire

Suitable for general entrance and exit detection in low-traffic areas, such as at building entrances,

loading docks, and parking lots

Virtual tripwire allows you to set up virtual fences in a camera’s field of view to protect an area from intrusion. The application automatically triggers an alarm when it detects a moving object, such as a person or vehicle, crossing a user-defined virtual line.

Multiple profiles enable you to setup different “fences” and have different configurations for daytime or nighttime. 

Send e-mail alerts with screenshot, you can also program the camera to activate a loudspeaker or

turn on lights 

Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse is like a fast forward for reality; it allows you to observe things happening faster than they actually occur.

Dusk to dawn construction site time-lapse

Time-lapse interval: 1 minute

AXIS 1080 IP Surveillance Camera

115 degrees horizontal fov

Use your existing security cameras to create amazing time-lapse footages

Construction site time-lapse video photography created by capturing still images using a AXIS IP camera

Construction site time-lapse

A total of 23000 photos was used by capturing a snapshot every 1 minute over the course of 163 days.

The actual image count captured was much higher, 23000 images were selected by removing unwanted frames/images

Low light image quality

One of the greatest challenges for security cameras is capturing clear video at night

Garage 2_2019-03-30_17_07_51_485.jpg
camera with external IR illuminator.png

When it comes to choosing between built-in infrared illuminator or external illuminator we look at the location of the camera.

Built-in infrared illuminators are good to use indoors in controlled environments. For outdoor locations, using external infrared illuminators helps to void the hassle of view obstructions caused by flying insects and spiders.